AB Recruiting is the premier executive search firm that specializes in getting it right the first time.  With a focus on management and strategy consultants across industry, our extensive network of top tier candidates and clients provides the best talent and opportunity, nationwide.  Working diligently to ensure an impeccable level of fit from both the candidate and client perspective, we aim to minimize time and expense, and maximize your return on investment.

Our objective is to consistently provide the highest level of service while delivering the most cost effective recruitment solution.  With an unrelenting commitment to prioritizing clients’ needs, we capitalize on our unique skill set of representing your firm in order to find that missing piece that will enable your team to reach its full potential.



Our Services

We believe in helping you achieve sustainable, long-term success through an individualized and customized approach to each of our assignments.  By deeply understanding your organization, culture, vision and goals, we deliver exceptional client service with lasting results.  We offer both retained and contingent agreements based on your firms specific needs, tailoring each agreement to obtain the highest level of fit.

Our Methods

The need for high-performing executives remains constant, but methods used to find that talent and bring them on board has changed.  Our process can be broken down into four phases:

Effective Communication

The first step is an in-depth launch call with you in order to get to know your business, understand your goals, and together develop a timetable.

Impact-Driving Actions

With your specific needs in mind, we begin to identify the right candidate. Leveraging our partnerships with organizations and utilizing the strong relationships we have within our network, we exercise comprehensive interviews in order to spend time on only those that meet your criteria.

Interview and Offer

We present optimal candidates to you for approval and guide them through each step of the interview process.  By serving as the intermediary, we are able to provide you with useful feedback, expedite the process, and create a seamless experience.   We also assist with salary negotiations on your behalf, if so desired.

Transition Support

We follow up regularly with both you and the candidate to ensure the engagement is successful.  We develop close, effective and long-term working partnerships with both clients and candidates, consistently making sure their needs are met.


We must guarantee complete confidentiality to attract the best talent.  The same principle holds true for your company.  It is very possible the executive you wish to replace is someone we know.  You can, however, rest assured that your secret is safe with us.